Thursday, August 20, 2015

Brightwater School Hangi 2015

 Brightwater School Hangi 2015

Everyone thought the hangi wold not be lit because it was raining.
But I told them that it would still be lit because it was raining last hangi in 2014 and they still lit it.

  5:00 : The fire got lit so the iron bars they put inside it would heat up
  6:00  : fire still burning  last hour
 7:00  : Iron bars been taken out and put  in the hole then the food put in.
 8:00  : kids start arriving to school early so they can see how the hangi is going
 9:00  : Bell rings and kids leave hangi to cook
 10:00 : Room 10 kids help Mr Baldwin to put the chairs out
10:30 :  Kids come out of class for morning tea and look at the hangi
11:00 : Bell rings and Mr Baldwin needs people from room 10 to help him put out the tables
 11:30 : Whole syndicate goes outside to check on the hangi
12:00  : Hole syndicate goes outside to do flax weaving
 12:30 : Hole school goes onto the court and sits down and waits for the food to come on to the tables

          The kindergarten go up to get their food first

Next the Juniors go up to get their food

Then the middles go up to get their food

Then the Adults go up to get their food

Finally the Seniors get to go and get their food
I was  starving

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typed by: Cole Slotemaker

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Football with George

              On the 18th  of August.
Room 10 had football skills with George from Nelson Bays Football.
First we went on the field and introduced each other.After we practiced dodging . He told us if we are stupid we had to go and sit on the side line. He said to the girls to get a ball. Next  the boys went to get a ball. We just had to dribble  the the ball round the field. When George said "Stop" we had to stop with our foot on the ball.
Later we had to get a cone and we dribbled round the cone. Then George changed the rules. The cones now became houses. So we had to dribble the ball round the houses. When George said "house" we had to find the nearest house to stay in. He said "go "and we dribbled the ball round the houses. After that George made a new rule  which was..

  1. He would take out some cones.     
George said go and we continued the game.
He eliminated some people who did not get a house.
It was lots of fun and we learnt new skills that we can use when we play football.

Here are some photos:

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Centurion Visits Classroom.

Last Tuesday 2nd June Mr. Naylor came to our class and spoke to us about his life over the past 100 years. He came out to NZ as a 9 year old from England and told the children lots of interesting stories about his school days. Special thanks to Nicholas Matheson and his Mum for bringing Mr. Naylor to our class.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Leaves scattered around on the ground,
Tumbling, turning, pirouetting from tree to tree.
The last golden leaf is set free.
The blue skies turn to cold wet days, looks like we won't be heading to the bays!
My hands tremble and feel a little numb,
My brains gets so cold i feel quite dumb.
The days and months pass now we get ready for a very cold winter!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

New Zealand Native Gems by Jessica and Peita

This is a slide show using Comic Life about the Little Blue Penguin.  We hope you enjoy!